Community Groups

20121118_111549Storytelling builds community

within organizations
across cultures
between generations
within a geographic area
spanning time and space

If you think an interactive storyteller might be what your group, community, students, or clients need, Andrea can craft the right program for you: Stories that build community, empower, heal, open hearts and minds, teach, tickle, and delight.

Andrea makes authentic and inspired connections between teller, listener, story and place.

“What I like about live storytelling is you never do the same thing twice. Every person present matters,” Andrea says.

Invite Andrea and her original and classic interactive tales to your community’s:

  • Schools
  • Senior Centers
  • Youth programs
  • Early Childhood programs
  • Synagogues
  • Religious and Day Schools
  • Churches
  • Shelters and Housing Projects
  • Health Centers
  • Playspaces
  • Parenting groups
  • Literacy groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Dance groups
  • Groups for children or adults with disabilities or special needs